I graduated in Biological Science in 1991 at University of Padua and then I had my PhD in Enviromental Medicine in 1997. After 1997 I worked as biologist in the Operating Unit of Trasfusional and Immunoematology Service - of Treviso Hospital with a contract of collaboration.

From 2001 I have worked in muscle physiology, first as post-doc and then as established researcher, studying several aspects of skeletal muscle. In particular I’ve studied some aspects of muscle plasticity as


  • expression of sarcomeric isoforms of myosin as a key protein for mechanical performance of skeletal fibres and their functional properties in mammals and human
  • physiological responses of muscle to various stimuli such as training, immobilization, denervation, or the physiological conditions such as aging. During aging the muscle undergoes a progressive weakening and mass reduction: this condition, named sarcopenia, is the result of many causes. Physical activity can contribute to counteract sarcopenia. The comparison of adaptations to activity of muscle fiber in young and elderly can help us to understand the pathway that brings at this muscle condition.

Specific expertise: chemical analytical techniques, electron microscopy, culture of primary and immortalized cells , mono and bi-dimensional electrophoresis and immunoblotting, muscle biophysics of whole muscles and single muscle fibers.

Authors of 34 papers indexed in Pubmed with 533 citations and h index 13

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  • PRIN 2010/2011 Impact of Physical Activity on healthy aging: multidisciplinary analysis of mechanisms and outcomes;
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